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Col du Calvaire de Font Romeu

  • Length: 15,86 km
  • Max gradient: 8,0%
  • Average gradient: 4,0%
  • Height gain: 635 m

Coll de la Llosa

  • Lenght: 6,45 km
  • % max: 7,2%
  • % average: 4,74%
  • Slope: 266 m
  • Altitude: 1866 m

If we choose the Medial or Endurance itinerary, this will be our third port of the day. It is a very short ascension but very nice at the same time. The first feeling is that we are entering a very lush forest and a little away from everything. The asphalt is in very good condition and the hardest section is reduced to the last meters until reaching the bottom ski resort.

Coll de la Creu

  • Lenght: 13,2 km
  • % max: 12 %
  • % average: 5 %
  • Slope: 628 m
  • Altitude: 1708 m

After a few kilometers of descent, revived roads, alpine vegetation and absolute calm, we will reach a tougher climb … but spectacular. They are about 4km with ramps of 10 and 11%. It should be noted that the road always goes up, except in so far as there are small plans in which we can retrieve the legs to continue enjoying the ascent. The arrival at the summit, at 1,708m, is a prize for sight and descent to Les Angles, a prize for the legs.


  • Lenght: 6,1 km
  • % max: 11%
  • % average: 6,9%
  • Slope: 415 m
  • Altitude: 1595 m

For those who have chosen the Endurance option this is already the last ascent. It is a long climb, about 22 km approximately. It has no outstanding ramps (3.3% on average) but given the kilometers that we already take to the legs and the distance will end up stiffening the route. After passing through the ski stations of La Molina and Masella, we will reach Alp, the end and the end of the challenge.

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