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The Alp Cerdanya Cycle Tour is a non-competitive bike ride that goes around to the Cerdanya and reveals some of the most beautiful places in our valley. One of the largest Europe. There is also a shorter alternative route.


The start and finish of both routes is at the Congress and Sports Palace , located in the town of Alp.

The tour will start at 8:00 am .The Cerdanya Cycle Tour will have 4 solid and liquid aid stations  and 2 liquid only stations. They will be along the short route.

The roads are permanently open to traffic and participants must stay in your lane and respect traffic signs and indications of the security forces and civil protection during the tour

To complete the Cerdanya Cycle Tour SPORT 86 km time limit is 5 hours and 30 minutes, so deadline is, 2:30 pm
To complete the Cerdanya Cycle Tour MEDIAL 141 km time limit is 8 hours. so, the deadline is, 4:00 pm
To complete the Ceradanya Cycle Tour UNDURANCE 182 km time limit is 9 hours so deadline is 5:00 pm

Yes,  you must decide the route at the time of registration and you will not be able to change route during the race

Assistance is only permitted by the organization at the refreshment points and from the organizers support vehicles.


Any rider looking for a challenge and wants to know one of the most beautiful  cycling territories.

Every cyclist must be at least 18 years old in order to participate in the Cerdanya Cycle Tour.

There is no maximum age to enjoy life and complete in the Cerdanya Cycle Tour.

No need to be federated. Those participants who are not in possession of the RFEC-UCI license will get a 1 day license during the registration process.

The protocol for the prevention and evacuation of La Cerdanya Cycle Tour includes ambulance service and each participant will be covered by insurance (license or policy of the day).

The existing sports legislation allows participation without medical examination in cycling events. However, all participants are encouraged to have performed a medical examination and proof of prior efforts to participate in La Cerdanya Cycle Tour since it is a test of ultra endurance requires great physical effort for a long time. Each participant is responsible for taking part in La Cerdanya Cycle Tour in full physical and health conditions, and you accept to confirm the conditions of participation during the registration process.


Accommodation and registration packages are currently available in our website.

All participants of La Cerdanya Cycle Tour  will receive a goodie bag. All finishers will also receive a digital certificate with their time.

We’re sorry. La Alp Cerdanya Cycle Tour is not responsible for any changes that may occur to each participant. The registration fee will NOT be refunded or transferred to the next edition. The registration is personal and non-transferable. Registered participants may only participate with the number that has been assigned to them and they agree not to allow others to use their number.


Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 july at the Palacio de Congress and Sports in Alp
Saturday, July 24 : 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
Sunday, July 25  6:30 am to 7:30 am.

The pick up the bib number is personal and requires the presence of the registered person and the presentation of the ID or passport and license of the RFEC-ICU is mandatory. In case of non-submission of the license at the time of collection of bib, participants must pay € 10 for insurance of the day. However, another person may be picked up on presentation of the authorization document duly completed (documents)

The presentation and briefing of  La Alp Cerdanya Cycle Tour will be on Saturday July 24 at 7:00 pm



La Alp Cerdanya Cycle Tour is a non-competitive event and there is no classification although times at certian checkpoints, order of arrival and average kilometers per hour will be published.
Instead, a symbolic prize will be awarded to: the first men and women, the oldest and youngest participant, the largest cycling club and the participant furthest from home.

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