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Through this document, I MANIFEST:

1. That I have read, understood and accept in full the Rules of the race in which I participate, whether it is the ENDURANCE route, MEDIAL route or SPORT route and that will be held on September 2nd, 2018. The race Regulation is available in the official website of the race
2. That I am sure to be physically and psychologically well prepared to perform the race, that I follow the proper medical controls to ensure that I have the necessary physical health conditions and that I do not suffer from illness, allergy, physical defect, injury or cardiorespiratory condition that advises against my participation in it.
3. That I am fully aware of the hardness of the race, the course, the profile and distance of the race, and that I have previously consulted them on the race web
4. That I am aware that this type of evidence carries an additional risk for the participants. Therefore, I attend on a voluntary basis and with my own initiative, fully assuming the risks and consequences derived from my participation.
5. That I have the sufficient technical knowledge and skills to guarantee my own safety, in the environment and the conditions of autonomy in which the race is carried out. That I also have the sports and safety equipment required by the Organization for the day of the race, ensuring that it is in good condition, that I know how to use it properly and that I will have it during the whole test with me.
6. That I undertake to comply with the norms and security protocols established by the Organization of the race, as well as to maintain a responsible behavior that does not increase the risks for my physical or psychological integrity or of the rest of the participants. I will follow the instructions and abide by the decisions made by those responsible for the Organization
(volunteers, doctors and organizers) on security issues.
7. That I authorize the Medical Services of the race to practice any cure or diagnostic test that they consider at any time during the race, whether or not I have requested it myself. Before their requirements, I promise to abandon the test and / or allow my hospitalization, if they consider it necessary for my health.
8. That I authorize the Organization of the race to make and use any photograph, filming or recording that is made, as long as it is exclusively related to my participation in this event, and not to receive any kind of compensation in return.
9. That I am aware that my bib number is personal and non-transferable, so I will not give or sell to any other person, even in the event that I cannot attend the test.
10. That I participate voluntarily and under my own responsibility in the race. Therefore, I exonerate from any liability to the Organization, collaborators, sponsors and other participants for any physical or material damage that occurs in my person or vehicle and, therefore, I waive to lodge a complaint or claim against those mentioned.
11. That I undertake to follow the general guidelines of respect for others and the environment indicated below:

• To cycle with prudence and according to the norms established by roads open to the traffic.
• To cycle with the appropriate speed in the presence of people, animals or vehicles
• Do not leave objects or solid or liquid waste outside the authorized places.
• Do not leave the marked route.

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